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  • LF23307
  • LF23307
Product model :LF23307
Non-slip bathroom grab bar
Non-slip bathroom grab bar
Main Material: SUS304
Surface processing: Polish finished
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LANGE 十大核心技术
The company is committed to environmental protection, energy saving technology in the use of bathroom, so that new materials, new technologies in the field of bathroom widely used.
The eight rigorous process is specialized in removing lead technology, forming a permanent lead isolation protection layer to reach the low lead standard of drinking tap.
The company's leading interior wall is smooth and accords with the principle of fluid mechanics. Precise internal structure and design ensure the silence and meticulous.
Our unique valve core is made of special ceramic alloy in close and closed environment with special lubricating coating, and the design of special oil tank on the surface of the ceramic surface makes your faucet be used for many years. Therefore, the smooth technology ensures that the product keeps a comfortable and reliable performance in the period of use, without any maintenance. At the same time, the ultra large operation rotation angle means the cold and heat adjustment process of the water temperature is smooth, gradual and accurate.
The new unique rotary switch outlet design facilitates different water intake needs, and also prevents bruise, which is in line with ergonomic design.
The new type throttling water mixer with a special tap can save 50% flow by aeration. At the same time, the bubbles injected into the air can prevent splash and greatly improve the water comfort.
Three layers of electroplating to create a very deep and uniform coating, while nickel plating, chromium plating and other coatings are closely molecular structure, bright as a mirror, glittering, can be dustproof and antifouling, and can resist scratch, never fade.
Using manual polishing, tight interface and meticulous processing technology, we strive for excellence in every detail, the product is smooth and glossy, and its shape is simple and fashionable.
The constant flow bubbling device overcomes the drawback of the larger water pressure and the larger flow rate. When the water pressure exceeds 0.3Mpa, the flow rate is constant.
The imported valve core is used. After its high precision machining, its surface hardness is comparable to that of diamond. It has excellent wear resistance and sealing performance, and ensures no leakage for the 500 thousand time.


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