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Guangdong Kaiping Shuikou Town Lange sanitary ware, the star brand of national bathroom industry, with the perfect quality of high-end intelligent technology and excellence, at the same time into the frontier design, create a new bathroom industry benchmarking.
Professional achievements, innovation to win the future, Lange sanitary ware enterprise has its own management, procurement, production, research and development, investment and after-sales six major professional team, with the advanced production equipment, advanced technology, production technology, famous teacher design, testing means, efficient management and excellent after-sales service, has become the strength of the market, For many years, Lange sanitary ware has been devoted to the technology research and development, design innovation and market promotion of advanced intelligent bathroom, fashion bathroom and whole bathroom, in order to create a more comfortable, better and more future "Lange sanitary ware".
The Lange sanitary ware has advanced production technology and is focused on creating "brand value and core competitive bath enterprise". The Lange sanitary ware covers all the market of the bathroom decoration from the star luxury hotel to the common people's home. It is the national advocate. High quality solutions under the policy of "housing industry modernization"!

Selection of a grade 59 brass casting

One formed fine selected high quality copper material

Selected anti splash bubbling

Anti splash nozzle bubbler, multilayer filter, healthy water.

Selection of non dripping ceramic valve core

With core technology, multiple switching operations, testing durable and smooth.

Professionalism and perfection

We use experience to create professional, create high efficiency with professional, and perfect with details.


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